Police set sights on illegal Europa League Final streams

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by Charlie Spargo
UEFA Europa League Final

With a strategy designed to maximise frustration among those hoping to watch tonight's clash between Arsenal and Chelsea for free, police are focusing their efforts on shutting down illicit streams at crucial match moments.

The City of London Police, along with other law enforcement and TV companies, expressed their intention to directly hunt down and shut down illegal streams. They claim shutting streams down at vital points will put people off trying to circumvent official routes to watch big-name matches in the future.

DCI Teresa Russell, head of the Intellectual Property Crime Unit at the City of London Police, has told viewers of illegal streams: "You never know when the site is likely to be shut down. It could be at a crucial point in the match.

“In fact, enforcement agencies and companies will aim to do just that in an attempt to dissuade people from using illegal sites in the future.”

According to the force, people found sharing their own paid-for content for people to watch for free will be prosecuted and fined.

Tonight's match between the two London teams, taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan, kicks off at 8pm BST. Legitimate free live streams will be available on BT Sport's website and YouTube channel, and the match is also aired on premium TV channels BT Sport 2 and BT Sport 4KUHD. 

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