Influencers can now sell directly on Instagram

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Developing its eCommerce arm even more fully, Instagram yesterday revealed that content creators on their platform could tag the items they're wearing or using to be sold to viewers.

Where before only brands could link the items they sold, it now means Influencers can show people the products in each photo - and let fans buy directly through the app. However, right now there is no way for them to make a cut on whatever's sold.

The only products eligible to be listed on Instagram are those produced by brands taking part in Instagram's "checkout beta program" in the US. Those companies include Nike and Burberry, to name just two.

While popular Instagrammers might not get paid for each sale, content creators absolutely will get useful information - namely insights on sales, shopping data and engagement stats. These data can then be taken and used in negotiation with brands looking for influencers in future.

Another announcement made was that donation "stickers" can now be added to stories - meaning people can raise money directly through the most accessible part of the application.