First real-world pictures of Apple's credit card revealed

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by Josh Hall
Tim Cook, Apple

A blogger has published what appear to be the first images of Apple's forthcoming credit card in its consumer packaging.

Leaker Ben Geskin posted on Twitter a series of images of the card, which is reportedly being made available to a small number of Apple employees.

The pictures show a minimalist card bearing little more than the name of the cardholder, the Apple logo, and a chip.

The card sits in a piece of coloured packaging which includes an instruction to "Wake iPhone and hold here" in order to activate it, similar to the method for pairing AirPods.

The Apple Card will be built into Apple Wallet, and will be managed entirely from the cardholder's iPhone.

The company says the card will "help customers lead a healthier financial life". It will also offer cashback on all purchases made from Apple.

The Apple Card is expected to launch in the US this summer. A UK launch date is yet to be announced.

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