Dyson files patent for off-road electric car

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by Josh Hall

Vacuum manufacturer Dyson has announced its entry into the electric vehicle market, filing a patent for an off-road car.

The British company will begin manufacturing the Dyson EV vehicle in 2021 in Singapore, where it is moving its headquarters.

Patents for the EV show a five-seater car, set across two rows of seats, with large wheels that the filing says make the vehicle "highly manoeuvrable...and [improve] handling on rough terrain."

Founder James Dyson said there are 400 staff assigned to the EV, and it is actively recruiting for additional support.

As Car Magazine reports, the car's battery range could far outstrip those already on the market thanks to its use of breakthrough solid-state lithium batteries.

Dyson acquired battery manufacturer Sakti3 for $90 million in 2015, but the company wrote off its investment following a review in 2018.

In the same year the company made another big bet on electric vehicles, investing £200 million in the construction of six test tracks for the project.

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