LinkedIn users can now add documents and presentations to feeds

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by Josh Hall

LinkedIn users now have the option to upload documents and presentations to their own feeds, or to groups or pages.

The new function, which was rolled out to all users today, is billed by LinkedIn as a way to “ignite richer conversations on topics you care about” and “tell stories by combining words and images.”

In a blog post product manager Margaret Toarmina said that users with early access to the feature had been experimenting with creative ways to make use of documents in the feed, citing examples from Hubspot and others.

The new feature is currently only available on desktop. Mobile users can view documents, but mobile uploading is not yet available.

LinkedIn users who wish to embed a document or presentation can do so using the following process:

  • Choose whether you wish to post the document or presentation to your own feed, or to a group or page
  • Having made your choice, navigate to the relevant page
  • Click the document icon in the share box
  • Choose a document or presentation to upload
  • Write a description for the file, including usernames and hashtags if you wish
  • Click post

Further information on the new feature is available in a post (with an embedded presentation) from LinkedIn’s Frankie Ikwuazom.

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