Halifax's rebranded app looking very familiar for Monzo CEO

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by Charlie Spargo

As recently reported, Halifax have launched a refreshed brand identity to make the point that they're an "upbeat joyful brand... in a more modern way."

It comes amid the meteoric rise of technology-focused, attention-grabbing challenger banks - the likes of which are rising in popularity and revenues rapidly. Starling has recently raised £75 million, while Monzo received a valuation of £2 billion.

However, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it looks as if Halifax have a lot of flattery to give Monzo. In a tweet today (April 12th), Monzo's CEO Tom Blomfield pointed out some striking similarities in screenshots of Halifax's new app.

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Good-naturedly, he said "it looks like you forgot to update a couple of things" - namely the bank identification number (BIN) and the cardholder name, which is still that of a Monzo employee.

The app screenshots look very similar to Monzo's interface, but the inclusion of BIN 5355 22, a code unique to Monzo cards, and used to identify the card issuer, leaves no doubt.

Pointedly, a little more than an hour later Monzo's Twitter account shared the September 2018 blog post, 'How to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud'.