Gatwick funnels £1 million into noise monitoring technology

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by Charlie Spargo

Marking a first for a UK airport, London Gatwick will provide noise monitoring and reporting services around its location, allowing local residents to see information on aircraft noise in real-time.

The technology is the result of £1 million in investment, and has been provided by EMS Brüel & Kjær, a Danish engineering and electronics company. The system utilises up to 23 noise monitoring terminals in the surrounding area and information from the airport radar to provide live data to locals, as well as an automated phone line allowing for complaints to be lodged.

The community has made repeated requests for the ability to report noise pollution, and with this development the airport hopes to improve accessibility to noise information, and also help to improve understanding among residents. Airline operators will also be able to draw on the data collected to help them make changes around improving flight noise levels.

London Gatwick Director of Corporate Affairs, Planning and Sustainability, Tim Norwood, said: "The new noise and flight track keeping system means that residents can more easily and conveniently access information, and generate reports, on aircraft noise in real time. 

"The system is comprehensive, easy to use, and based on the latest technology and we very much hope that it also helps us to improve our engagement with communities that are negatively impacted by aircraft noise.”

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