Samsung release video showing folding phones in action

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by Charlie Spargo
Samsung Fold

Ahead of its official launch in just one month's time, Samsung have shown just how many folds their new Fold can undergo in a new video.

The clip shows the company's specialist folding machines simply opening and closing the phone, giving those thinking of shelling out $1,980 for the sophisticated device.

According to Samsung, the Fold will be able to withstand around 200,000 separate folds, or the equivalent of five years' use at 100 folds each day - pretty heave use, in other words. In the video, there seems to be no creasing or problems visible at all - though judgement must be suspended until the first reviewers can try it out.

The 30-second video also shows how responsive the phone's secondary larger screen will be, perhaps convincing those sitting on the fence over whether to invest or not.