Monzo celebrates the first birthday of its Tone of Voice guide

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Challenger bank Monzo yesterday celebrated a year to the day since the launch of a piece of writing that unexpectedly convinced a lot of people to open an account - their Tone of Voice blog.

In a blog post on their website yesterday (March 27th) written by Harry Ashbridge, they explain how the TOV piece had addressed many of the problems people have with legacy banks - mainly around how they communicate. Their point - "if you say you’re customer-focused, but you don’t communicate in a clear and empathetic way, then customers won’t believe it’s true."

Monzo's team say they've been "blown away" by the response, which ultimately showed people they weren't like other banks, and actually displayed a commitment to transparency and honesty, rather than just waxing lyrical about good service.

The blog post also explains the actual work they've done in the meantime to follow their own guidelines and engage with clients properly. They've trained more than 700 'Monzonauts' - that is, their employees - in communicating in the Monzo style; hired a growing writing team; embedded clear wording even into areas like feature development; and created a "culture of care for language".

But there's always more to do, Ashbridge's piece says. As Monzo grows, their attitude to language has to keep up.