Microsoft revive, then quickly ditch, everyone's favourite Word assistant

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by Charlie Spargo
Microsoft's Clippy

"It looks like you're writing a letter" will bring back many memories for many - good or bad. Microsoft's Office Assistant, nicknamed 'Clippy', came back to life last week, just for one short-lived day.

Developers released an animated pack of Clippy stickers for the Microsoft Teams chat software on the official Office Developer Github page. Before long, however, they were gone - and according to an insider speaking to The Verge, it was the corporation's "brand police" that had it in for the bug-eyed paperclip.

Clippy was introduced more than 20 years ago on Office software to provide advice to users when it detected they were trying to do a certain task. It quickly gained a reputation for being persistent, bordering on irritating, and next to impossible to get rid of.

However, it's clear Clippy was more missed than some might have expected. Microsoft users later created a petition on Microsoft's Feedback Forum, in the hopes he'll be returning to Teams.