Inch-thick smartphone struggles to hit 1% of its crowdfunding target

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by Charlie Spargo
The P18K

At the Mobile World Congress towards the end of February, French manufacturer Avenir Telecom revealed the Energizer P18K - a smartphone possessing a whopping 18,000 mAh battery.

To put that in perspective, the iPhone XS has a 2,658 mAh battery. The Energizer was announced to give consumers a phone option that could last them days rather than hours. At the time, it made headlines.

To achieve the ability to make up to 90 hours of calls, listen to 100 hours of music and watch around two days of video, the phone has a thickness of 2.2cm, allowing it to fit the hefty battery within it.

Perhaps encouraged by the positive press it gathered, Avenir Telecom have decided to create an Indiegogo to fund its creation. Setting a goal of $1.2 million and pricing the phone at $599 a unit (discounted for the crowdfunder), they hoped to convert attention into purchases.

It did not materialise. At the time of writing, $2,725 has been pledged from just three separate backers - and due to rounding, that means their crowdfunding page proudly states their progress as "0% of $1,200,000".