Wealth management startup Rerbium prepares for 2020 launch

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by Mark Johnson

A new wealth management platform called Rerbium that aims to help people manage their wealth, is gathering customers ahead of its launch early next year. 

“We are on a mission to make it easier for people to track, manage and diversify their wealth regardless of whether someone has £2,000 or £200,000 in savings”, the company said.

“We just launched our UK waitlist and will be live in the first part of 2020. 

“Our platform connects many investment fintechs, gives people insights about their wealth/savings and how they are performing vs the market, and allows people to invest directly into multiple asset classes without the need to complete different compliance processes or have independent accounts. 

Wealth mgt fintech: Rerbium to launch next year.

The London-based firm said it is also working on a series of short form animated videos to help people learn how different asset classes work.

Rerbium's platform breaks from the traditional wealth management fees and is the first one to introduce a subscription model based on how much a customer has invested. 

“We believe this is the most transparent and simple way to do it and the future of the industry. Wealth management with Rerbium will start with a free tier”, the firm said.

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