More than half of UK residents want to test tech while shopping

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Research from Outform has found that 54% of Brits are interested in trying out new retail technology while out on the high street.

When split by gender, it was found that this number rises to 59% of men who respond positively to trying tech during shopping. The survey was conducted across a sample of 2,000 adults, commissioned by retail and innovation agency Outform as part of its presentation at EuroShop 2020. 

It turns out that even in the modern era, UK shoppers prefer to buy in-store than online, with 55% getting white goods on the high street, 66% going for clothes, and 72% for furniture. 56% prefer to shop in-store for consumer technology like phones, TVs and laptops.

Simon Hathaway, Managing Director of Outform EMEA, said: “The UK high street has been feeling the pressure of online competition and so has upped its game. The elements that have always differentiated physical stores from eCommerce, like personal service and the ability to talk to another human - still remain.

“But now, stores are bringing in new technology like virtual reality, augmented reality and touchscreen functionality to make it even better. Retail has become experiential and shoppers are responding positively.”