Zenith UK research: 80% of children feel unsafe on social media

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by Charlie Spargo

New Zenith UK research today has shown a range of consumer trends, including the number of people interested in directly shoppable TV - but a continued concern about the risks of social media.

The Publicis-owned data agency released its 'The View' report, which featured insights on different areas of the consumer market - with key trends including a renewed passion for classic indulgences and escapism; the popularity of curated, streamlined choices for consumers; and a mixed view on technology.

People are looking for more authentic experiences when it comes to digital content - no longer content with being fed suggestions from influencers. A solid majority - 61% - of consumers don’t think brands are transparent about how they actually use influencers for branding purposes. What's more, only around one-fifth believe social media celebrities have a true representation of their lives online.

The safety and wellbeing conversation is getting more mainstream, as the realities of social media begin to hit. In fact, 80% of children report feeling unsafe on social media.

However, the rise in new technologies seem to be more exciting for consumers. People want "seamless connectivity" and the benefits that come with it, meaning that 30% of Brits are interested in TV programmes that allow the purchase of the products on-screen.

Leonie Galliford, Head of Insight at Zenith, said: “Pre-2020, people have experienced years of instability and uncertainty both in their own finances, and politically, as well as seeing massive shifts in ways they can communicate, consume media, and even shop. This in turn has made planning their lives more complicated. 2020 gives the opportunity for renewed optimism, and we predict this year will see consumers shift to re-focus their time and interests around more simplified, attainable and self-focussed goals, rejecting inauthentic, negative, or complicated life choices.”