Three-quarters of UK shoppers choose fashion brands based on environment

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by Josh Hall

More than three-quarters of UK fashion shoppers have switched, avoided, or boycotted certain brands over the last 12 months because of their environmental policies.

This is according to new research from Kantar, which questioned shoppers about their concern over a range of environmental issues and the consumer behaviours they display as a result.

It found that brand loyalty is lowest amongst 16-14-year-olds, with 83 per cent saying they either have switched brand or would consider to do so.

Meanwhile over a third of millennials say they have avoided buying from a brand or have chosen a different brand over the last 12 months.

According to Kantar, consumers are particularly concerned about working conditions, environmental pollution, and the overuse of packaging.

Mark Chamberlain, managing director of brand at Kantar UK said: “Responsible living is being driven by cross-generational groups of ‘woke’ consumers that look towards inspiring brand heroes as change leaders. Governments and organisations are being forced to listen and respond to consumers’ demands for greater transparency as businesses strive to become more purposeful.”