Ethics now as important as price for many Black Friday shoppers

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by Josh Hall

Brand ethics are an increasingly important factor amongst UK shoppers, according to new research.

Mention Me surveyed shoppers who are planning to make a purchase on Black Friday. Of these, it found that 29 per cent of Gen Zers say they will be influenced by brand ethics this year.

The figure was only slightly lower for 25 per cent of 25-34-year olds, and 20 per cent of 34-44-year olds.

The figure dropped to 14 per cent of 45s to 54s, and to 12 per cent of 55s and over.

Most Black Friday shoppers said they are planning to buy for themselves rather than friends or family - but recommendations from those people remain the most popular reason for making a purchase.

Commenting on the study, Andy Cockburn, CEO of Mention Me, said:, “Black Friday remains a high octane impactful calendar event for our 400+ retail clients, echoed by our research revealing that 61% of the 2,000 consumers questioned are planning on Black Friday shopping. What’s interesting this year is that the movement towards trust in brands and ethical shopping is starting to have an impact on this shopping event previously focussed solely on discounting. Retailers need to work to sustain their image pre and post event and can no longer just rely on offering the best price on Black Friday if they want to build long term valued customers”.