Impact of technology and digital advertising on beauty shoppers revealed by survey

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by Charlie Spargo

A survey of 4,487 female internet users by global media platform Teads has shown that the skincare and beauty shopping experience has been disrupted by technology and digital advertising.

Consumers are receptive to utilising modern tech as part of the shopping experience; they recognise the influence of video advertising in driving decisions; and there is a clear trend towards the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Teads surveyed consumers from eight countries - Mexico, Japan, Germany, UK, US, France, Italy, Brazil - between 22 and 64, and segmented them into Millennial, Gen X, High Income and Eco-Conscious.

Price remained the main driver for purchases, but the notable trends were that consumers would pay more for products sold in environmentally friendly packaging, as well as being made from natural ingredients - namely, 43% saying they would pay more for for sustainable products.

What's more, 36% describe themselves as eco-conscious, strongly agreeing either that packaging ought to be eco-friendly, ingredients organic, or expressed a willingness to pay more for eco-friendly products.

And while in-store purchases have not been overtaken by any other medium, technology and digital have had a significant effect on product discovery. 

64% of beauty consumers take action after seeing a beauty or skincare video advert, while a third are influenced by online articles - either the content itself or advertising within the articles.

And in terms of modern technology, consumers are cautiously interested in AR and other innovations. 56% said they see value in using modern technology such as AR, virtual advisors or chatbots, and 68% would like to try AR.

Bertrand Quesada, Co-Founder and CEO of Teads, said: “We are thrilled to offer our beauty marketers new data to create even more impactful and meaningful experiences with consumers so they can optimize creatives for their audiences and more efficiently drive consumers through the path to purchase.”

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