BBC 'tried to block Ofcom Munchetty inquiry'

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by Josh Hall

The BBC attempted to block an investigation by Ofcom into comments made by presenter Naga Munchetty, according to The Guardian.

Last month the broadcaster upheld a complaint against the presenter, following comments that she made on air regarding Donald Trump.

Ofcom launched its investigation after it received a number of complaints regarding the BBC's decision, which had been met with widespread public outcry. It found that Munchetty's comments did not break impartiality guidelines.

But, as The Guardian reports, the regulator also criticised the BBC's own internal practices and its refusal to make additional evidence available to the external inquiry.

Ofcom has now published its correspondence with the BBC, in which the Corporation's editorial standards head David Jordan argued that there was "no proper basis for Ofcom's proposed action."

Director general Tony Hall last week reversed the BBC's decision in the face of public concern and anger amongst BBC staff. Jordan said that, as a result, he was "disappointed, therefore, that Ofcom is assessing a broadcast with a view potentially to undertaking an investigation for which it has no clear jurisdiction, rather than handling complaints it has received about the programme in the normal way."

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