Netflix and Amazon double spend on British shows

Josh Hall's picture
by Josh Hall

Netflix and Amazon spent a record £280 million on British-made TV shows in 2018.

The figure is almost double the amount recorded in the previous year, and was driven by high-budget properties such as The Crown.

As the Guardian reports, the spend helped push annual revenue in the British TV sector over £3 billion for the first time, according to figures from Pact.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have continued to assert their dominance in streaming.

Domestic UK broadcasters have struggled to keep pace, and the BBC, ITV, and BT are now putting their hopes in the forthcoming Britxbox, a proposed UK-focused competitor.

Last month the BBC was criticised for strong-arm tactics after pushing independent production companies into granting it longer streaming licences for its iPlayer product.

Trade bodies claim that the broadcaster has been attempting to force producers into extending exclusivity periods without compensation.

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