Business leaders demand independent view on no-deal Brexit as crisis deepens

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by Josh Hall

Leaders of industry have demanded that the government commission an independent review into the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

The Freight Transport Association, the trade body for businesses that transport goods to retailers and other businesses, told the Evening Standard of its concern over the leaked 'Yellowhammer' report that warns of chaos in the event of no-deal.

The FTA's James Hookham told the paper: “If there is a risk of a serious threat to the distribution of normal goods within the UK, that is a massive concern and something we would clearly like to understand better.”

The Yellowhammer document, which outlines plans and contingencies for a no-deal outcome, suggests that fuel and food shortages would begin almost immediately.

It also says that two refineries would close.

The government has said that the document was leaked by a former minister, and that it is out of date.

But several reports suggest that it is dated 1 August - less than three weeks ago.

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