Surrey studio strikes deal with Netflix

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by Charlie Spargo
Netflix's The Crown

Following questions raised by peers regarding whether Netflix is making enough UK-produced programmes, the streaming giant has forged a deal with Shepperton Studios and pledged to spend more of its £10.3 billion annual production budget in the UK.

Shepperton Studios, which has been operating since 1931, boasts production credits including including A Clockwork Orange, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Alien.

The Surrey-based studio, which is part of the international Pinewood Group, will host Netflix's permanent production base. It gives Netflix access to most of the facilities at Shepperton Studios, including 14 sound stages, starting from October.

Last year, Netflix produced 40 programmes in the UK, and is set this year to increase the number of European productions to 221. A significant part of these will be 153 originals with a budget exceeding $1 billion. Netflix's portfolio of original programming feature some of the highest-budget and -profile shows on the platform.

Paul Golding, Chief Executive of Pinewood, said: “Netflix’s decision is a real vote of confidence in the UK film and TV industry. It is all about confidence in the UK as a location for top-quality productions.”

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