ITV Studios Global Entertainment to distribute groundbreaking Sky series Romulus

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by Charlie Spargo

Sky has announced it will be producing Romulus, a landmark series about the founding of Ancient Rome, featuring thousands of extras and two reconstructed cities.

Produced by Sky, Cattleya - part of ITV studios - and Groenlandia, it wll be exclusive to Sky in Italy, and distributed internationally by ITV Studios Global Entertainment - which operates from offices in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Germany, the Nordics, LA and Sydney.

The series marks the TV directorial debut of Matteo Rovere and will be shot in the Italian capital for 28 weeks beginning this month.

Epic production value

The ten-part series, filmed entirely in archaic Latin, covers the stories of three people, Iemos, Wiros, and Ilia, who experience violence, death and loss, and who "discover how to shape their own destinies."

For the production of the series, two whole "meticulously reconstructed" cities have been created following extensive research, while hundreds of traditional weapons have been produced for use by the thousands of extras and 700 or more stuntpeople involved.

The central cast includes Andrea Arcangeli, Marianna Fontana and Francesco Di Napoli, and the directorial team is Matteo Rovere (Italian Race, The First King), Michele Alhaique (Non Uccidere, Senza Nessuna Pietà) and Enrico Maria Artale (The Third Half). 

Cattleya is a leading Italian production company, releasing titles popular within the country such as Gomorrah, Suburra, and Anything Can Happen. Founding partner, Riccardo Tozzi, said: “With Romulus we want to tell the origin of Rome’s power, and the interrelationship among the main events that made it possible, affirming that history exists because someone first created a story.

"It's a great experience to work with a talented young director like Matteo, whom we also hold in high esteem as a fellow producer. Key to the project are also the roles of our two great partners, Sky and ITV Studios”.

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