Tesco begins to sell discount products under Jack's brand

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

British supermarket Tesco, as part of its bid to take on the new breed of discount supermarkets and also of its centenary celebrations, is selling new Jack's products in its main stores from this month.

In September 2018, the retailer launched Jack's, a discount supermarket of which there are now nine locations. It was named after Tesco founder Jack Cohen, and boasts that the majority of its products are made in Britain.

This new move means that a selection of products under £1.50 will now be stocked in standard Tesco shops, alongside their standard ranges. 851 stores in total will display the Jack's items, which include juice and onion rings.

This year marks Tesco's 100th year in operation, and has seen the shop offer large discounts to loyal customers, and cut some prices across the board. The move to introduce Jack's products is thought to be both a celebration as well as a tentative test of whether to bring discounted products to Tesco shelves in the long run.