Half of UK consumers 'want brands to declare a climate emergency'

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by Josh Hall

The UK public is more concerned about climate change than ever before, and brands are facing increasing consumer pressure to address the problem.

This is according to new research from consultancy firm Kin&Co, which suggests that public interest in climate change is changing consumer priorities - including their preferred brands.

According to Kin&Co, last month saw the highest number of Google searches for 'climate change' recorded since December 2009, the time of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.

Accompanying this spike, a poll conducted by the company found that more than half of respondents would like their preferred brands to declare a "climate emergency", mirroring the language adopted by the UK Parliament earlier this month.

According to the poll more than two-thirds of UK consumers think climate change is an "urgent issue" for brands, and 60 per cent believe responsibility for the problem lies with CEOs.

The research also found that a third of people have already switched at least one of the products they buy to an offering from a more sustainable brand.

In comment accompanying the research, Kin&Co suggest that businesses should respond to consumer pressure by "unleashing the power of their brand."

The company said: "This isn't about passing the buck to consumers. It's about empowering them to make changes that together add up to a major impact. Our research shows they're expecting you to take the lead.

"Every business is different, and the answer will totally depend on your sector. Ariel got people to switch their washing machines to 30 degrees, and in a few short years Oatly has transformed coffee culture with their 'I-can't-believe-it's-made-with-plants' barista oat milk. What could you do?"

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