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Director-General Tony Hall said: “As the national broadcaster, the BBC has a special role to play at this time of national need."

The Publishers' Association has also deemed the tax to be "unfair and illogical".

The two brands will post daily social media content throughout the week to encourage people to join the #SpeakOut movement.

The campaign, dubbed “Give Me Five,” is timed to hit just before the Government's budget comes out next Wednesday

The investment will be used to expand Twickenham and develop more production facilities, including film stages, flexible workspace for creatives, and more.

In January 2020, total circulation of the 17 print publications stood at 7.4 million, which is 55 per cent less than 10 years earlier.

Webb wrote in Radio Times magazine: “Perhaps the young will get old. It has happened before."

The owner of The Sun newspaper made a loss of £68m last year as costs related to the phone-hacking scandal continued to bite.

LadBible launched online in 2012 as traditional, print men’s magazines were suffering structural decline and it built a large following on social media.

The London-based Eastern Eye has joined BBC's Local News Partnerships scheme as one of the first BAME publications to do so.


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