Teads latest report reveals changing reading trends for consumers during lockdown

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by Josh Peachey

Teads has announced new reading trends for consumers across the globe. 

The global media platform, which now reaches 93.2% of consumers in the UK (comScore) across all of the UK’s top publishers, developed the Teads Media Barometer to understand what kinds of editorial content consumers are reading on a daily basis.

Since early January 2020, Teads has tracked a 46% increase in traffic across its platform of publishers which includes The Guardian, LadBible, The Telegraph, Hearst and ESI. 

Unsurprisingly, the crisis and its widespread implications from work to fitness to education have compelled the UK population to read more online content. 

Using its Media Barometer, Teads has analysed the most-read and/or fastest-growing topics during a 30-day window from the beginning of March to the beginning of April 2020. 

In the UK, “Marketing” related content consumption increased by 58%, above topics like “Exercise”, “Careers” and “Video games”.

Last week, the new culture secretary Oliver Dowden highlighted the importance of advertisers continuing to support UK publishers, making Marketing a key focus. 

Content related to health, wellness, and hospitals increased by 80%.

Teads UK Managing Director, Justin Taylor, said: "The data from our barometer should be reassuring to the advertising industry, highlighting its importance in the mind of the public and showcases the responsibility we have as an industry to do our bit during such times of crisis.” 

Politics has incredibly (given the UK political landscape before COVID19) seen a big uptick, rising 41% during the crisis and interest in US politics up 6%. 

Loans had a 91% increase in consumption, followed by careers with a 62% increase and business enterprise up 35%. Economy, debt and inflation rose in consumption by 16%.

Brits have found solace in cooking with content related to recipes and ingredients jumping 50 %.

Justin Taylor added: “We’ve seen that UK consumers are worried about the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis, in terms of its impact on both local and global economies. 

"GWI data shows that 75% of consumers are worried about their country’s economy and 85% are worried about the world’s. This is well reflected when we look at the barometer’s results on Maslow’s pyramid, with UK consumers focusing heavily on safety (+44%) above all other levels. 

“Since 2008, the UK is acutely aware of how macroeconomic changes can impact personal wealth, so it’s no surprise that consumers are focusing on such issues.

“This concern, as well as the UK’s particular affinity towards its publisher institutions, seems to be reflecting in terms of how much attention is being given to the specific impact on our industry. 


You can view or download the rankings by clicking the link below: