Supponor and Mediapro extend deal for virtual advertising solutions

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by Charlie Spargo

Virtual advertising tech and solutions provider Supponor has signed a long-term licensing agreement for their products with Mediapro, the leading sports media and audiovisual content production company.

Hammersmith-based Supponor provides its proprietary DBRLive technology to sports pitch perimeter advertising, integrating AR overlays with traditional broadcast quality solutions.

The Mediapro deal includes the DBRLive virtual LED perimeter replacement product, and the use of NSA (Natural Scene Augmentation) virtual carpets. DBRLive has been used by Mediapro in La Liga football matches in Spain since 2015, and NSA since 2017.

The agreement follows the recent deal between Supponor and FC Barcelona, and includes a provision for Mediapro to offer virtual services to other Spanish sports federations.

Julian Fernandez, Commercial Director at Mediapro, said: “Supponor technology gives us the ability to sell bespoke, targeted advertising on international feeds of La Liga games in an increasingly global marketplace. It means we can tailor global sponsorship packages to take account of local tastes and language as well as sell regional and local advertising packages to new brands.”

James Gambrell, CEO at Supponor, said: “This multi-year renewal is a great vote of confidence from both Mediapro and La Liga in our virtual advertising technology platform, our operations and our team. It confirms our position as the preeminent provider of virtual advertising technology and solutions in live sport. We look forward to working alongside Mediapro to expand their service beyond La Liga and into other leagues and federations across Spain’s vibrant sports sector.”