Connected TV uptake expected to rise 82% in three years

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by Charlie Spargo

Adoption of connected TV (CTV) is looking unstoppable, following research from The Association of National Advertisers and video marketing platform Innovid.

By 2023, the report says, the number of households using the technology - which includes smart TVs, as well as those streaming television through a plug-stick or games console - is set to increase by 82%.

Brands looking at the option of utilising streamed content, say the authors, can hope for increased reach for extending linear TV campaigns; enhanced interactivity creating higher levels of engagement; and the potential to earn more of each viewer's time.

The report says: “As consumer adoption of connected devices and the amount of time they choose to spend on them increases, marketers should begin looking at CTV in terms of how it can complement or even enhance linear and addressable TV strategies.

"The incremental reach CTV provides allows advertisers to accomplish this by increasing ad exposure to cord-cutters and cord-nevers during influential days and dayparts where TV viewers are more apt to absorb and engage with ads.

“Interactive CTV ad units put the viewer in the driver’s seat, which can substantially improve the customer experience. If brands are able to balance the right mix of education, action, creative, and clear calls to action, users will reward them with attention and engagement. Brands can earn incremental time to increase the likelihood of favourable business outcomes.”