Condé Nast partners with London AdTech startup

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by Charlie Spargo

Publishing giant Condé Nast has signed a deal with Mirriad, the startup that uses AI for ideal ad placement, in an exclusive agreement.

The publisher of Wired and Bon Appetit magazines, both of which have popular YouTube channels, is attempting to become a "video-first" platform. Its agreement with Mirriad will allow it to make more informed decisions about what adverts and products to show video viewers.

Mirriad, which was founded in 2007, uses AI to place ads and products into pre-existing videos. It can even retroactively insert product placement into videos that have already been created and released.

It currently works with US broadcasters Fox, Univision and NBC, and its largest client is Chinese entertainment company Tencent.

Condé Nast wants to grow its video audience and advertising revenue in a difficult environment for publishers. Its current portfolio of YouTube channels reach tens of millions of viewers and command loyal audiences, following recent rapid growth. Traditional print titles drawing huge online audiences in 2019 include Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

These channels have managed to grab viewers' attention through novel content often reaching outside the platform's traditional sector focus.