'Off the shelf' martech hurting brands' efforts says study

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by Josh Hall

There remains a big gap between marketers' ambitions with martech and the realities of their implementation.

This is according to new research from creative agency Initials, which surveyed 150 senior marketers.

The study looked at the ways in which companies are approaching, developing, and deploying martech, and the reasons why, according to Initials, these activities often fall short of expectations.

It found that martech solutions are often off-the-shelf products, rather than bespoke solutions designed specifically for the needs of brands and customers.

This leads to a lack of differentiation, and an impact on brand marketing results.

The study also found that just one in four respondents strongly agreed that digital solutions are always developed based on their relevance to consumers.

The report was produced by Initials' technology and innovation units LABS.

Dominic Murray, Digital Director of Initials Labs, comments: “Only 31% of respondents strongly agreed that their company was keen on developing its own technology. And even fewer believed it would work with specialist third parties to create bespoke, truly differentiating solutions. This preference for ‘buy’ over ‘build’ is understandable, but it inevitably leads to a ‘wind tunnel’ effect where most companies are using very similar technologies to deliver very similar experiences.”

Richard Barrett, Managing Director of Initials, adds: “Many marketers still don’t feel their company is properly data driven. They don’t think technology is selected solely on the basis of user relevance. And it’s clear that a lot more work needs to be done to weave digital solutions into the brand DNA in ways that create real points-of-difference. Building a brand-led tech strategy isn’t easy, but it is essential if you’re going to deliver irresistible customer experiences.”