Marketers want more focused training for next gen - DMA

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by Mark Johnson

New research from the DMA shows that 94% of marketers believe a more focused education on data regulations, and how to apply them would be beneficial for the next generation of marketers.

A more focused education structure would improve the industry’s image (57% stated this) and the performance of marketing programmes’ (49%).

Moreover, marketers believe that having this kind of knowledge would give new-entrants great advantage in their career (75%).

Nearly half of marketers (49%) surveyed state that they believe consumer trust has improved in how brands handle their data since the new regulations came into place. 

In addition, 46% state that trust has increased in brands and their marketing too.

“The latest figures from the ICO indicate that consumer trust in brands and marketing has increased since the new data protection standards came into force. 

“Marketers surveyed in the DMA’s research also appear more confident that consumers are increasingly receptive and trusting,” said Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA. 

”However, if we want to continue improving our industry’s image, we must ensure that the next generation have the right grounding in data protection principles. 

“Regular investment in marketers’ development should be seen as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers, as well as delivering campaigns that perform.”

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