Disney boss tells marketing graduates to stay curious

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by Mark Johnson

A Disney marketing boss has told marketing graduates at the Institute of Data & Marketing to stay curious and never stop learning in an ever changing industry.

Tony Miller, who is VP, Digital Marketing & CRM, EMEA, at Disney, said during a graduation ceremony speech at the IDM, that the only way to keep one step ahead was to keep learning.

“Marketers must never stop learning, every day is a school day. Even after marketers have finished traditional education, they must remain curious, ask questions and investigate further, and always be prepared to read and upskill. 

Pace of change

“The pace of change is only going to get faster in our industry, so you always have to keep up and stay one step ahead.”

The Institute of Data & Marketing’s (IDM) 2019 graduation results show that professionals in the data and marketing industry continue to thrive despite significant change in recent years.

From the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and uncertainty around Brexit, to the wealth of new technologies available and increasing organisational responsibilities of the marketing function, the world in which the next generation of marketers will work is constantly evolving.

Miller’s comments came as the Class of 2019 graduated from the IDM, with an impressive 96% of students achieving a pass. 

Almost two thirds (68%) of the students didn’t just pass, but also achieved a Credit or Distinction for their excellent work.

In all, there were over 450 students studying for their IDM Professional or Postgraduate Diplomas in Digital or Direct and Data-Driven Marketing in the past 12 months.

Miller added: “With the proliferation of data, marketers must use data and insights to drive creativity and ideas. 

“To open new doors to create, invent, and be more entrepreneurial. 

“Curiosity and imagination, no matter what role a person has in their company or agency, is key to success – success for you in your career, success for the clients you look after to grow their business, and success for your brand.”

Andy Dorling, General Manager at the IDM said: “The results we’ve seen from 2019 are a snapshot of the incredible talent we have within the UK’s creative industries, but we must ensure we continue to nurture the talent in our sector if we want to remain as global leaders in data-driven marketing.”

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