CloudStratex launches with mission to lead cloud migration

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by Mark Johnson

A new London-based tech firm has launched today with the aim of disrupting the slow progress in migrating businesses to the cloud.

CloudStratex sets out its stall at a dedicated event tonight at London City Hall, set to be attended by over 150 attendees. 

CloudStratex highlights gaps in the cloud sector by citing research which claimed UK enterprises can take an average of 15 months to migrate to the cloud.

This is mainly due to the complexity of the process and a nationwide lack of skills required to deliver a successful implementation. 

This, it says, is supported by data from nearly 1,000 cloud practitioners from across the globe, where 78% of individuals advised that a lack of resource and expertise is deemed one of the largest challenges for businesses using cloud computing, together with Governance [79%], Managing Cloud Spend [77%] and Security [77%]. 

With the public cloud computing services market forecast to soar to $331.2 Billion by 2022, this data highlights two clear points:

  • An increasing number of businesses are either in the process of adopting the cloud or are looking to do so within the next three years, where current trends show that the majority will adopt a Hybrid Cloud Strategy.
  • As a result, there will be an increasing reliance on cloud practitioners and IT consultancies to help support this adoption.

Though market growth is encouraging - the problem - according to CloudStratex, is that UK enterprises are still failing to adopt and incubate the right mindset to not only support cloud implementation, but to drive and uphold new technologies thereafter. 

Unique approach 

Co-Founded by industry renowned business leaders, Adrian Overall, Brad Day, Tony Irving and Adam O’Hare - previous Directors of a recently acquired IT Consultancy - CloudStratex offers a unique approach to cloud adoption through an incubator model, designed to rapidly build internal confidence and leave clients fully capable of managing their cloud environment in the future.

“Over the last decade or so, we have seen a seismic shift in the number of organisations looking to the cloud for their next generation platform requirements”, CEO, Adrian Overall, explained. 

“This is a step change in our industry where the traditional skillsets that have formed the cornerstone of our world now need to be adapted and transformed so that we can leverage all that the new world brings.”

“We genuinely believe that if the UK technology sector is to continue to thrive over the next 10 years, we need to transform the way in which our industry and organisations think about adoption and leverage of next generation platforms and technology. 

“At CloudStratex we fundamentally believe that we need to support and help our clients to achieve self-sufficiency.”

‘Mess for less’ days over 

“The days of ‘mess for less’ outsourcing and ‘give us the problem’ are simply not sustainable in today’s world as companies place technology at the heart of everything they do. 

“We have never seen the technology stack so deeply integrated as it is now and it’s simply not possible to partition it like before. 

“In addition, companies need to have control, they need to learn and leverage so that they can differentiate themselves in the connected world.”  

CloudStratex said it offers a new, innovative and practical approach that is focused on helping clients understand ‘how’ to adopt next generation platforms effectively, by taking a ‘defender position’ based on industry best practice and tailoring. 

The company said it has already secured contracts with large organisations within Europe.

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