Is augmented reality coming to Android Messages?

Josh Hall's picture
by Josh Hall

Android Messages could soon be receiving an update, including the addition of augmented reality messaging features.

Tech bloggers XDA Developers have discovered a series of new AR effects in Google's iMessage competitor, bringing functionality similar to that seen in some Snapchat features.

In the new features, users can add effects such as fireworks, balloons, and angels' halos.

Augmented reality has long been a staple of messaging apps such as Snapchat, and it's increasingly becoming an expected feature.

It's yet to be seen whether these new Android Messages features will be rolled out more widely, but they could have implications for marketers.

Brands have partnered with Snapchat and other platforms such as Instagram to develop bespoke filters to support campaigns, as AR becomes a more fundamental part of mainstream marketing activities.

Meanwhile some brands have gone further, exploring more complex uses of AR. As we reported, in February Lego launched a new clothing line available to buy only from an empty store using Snapchat.

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