Adobe XD gets Amazon Alexa voice support

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by Josh Hall

Adobe XD is set to add support for voice search on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

Adobe's design and prototyping tool, part of its Creative Cloud suite, will allow users to easily design prototypes designed for Alexa services, and then export them to the relevant devices.

It follows the addition of existing voice search tools, which Adobe added to XD late last year.

XD is a tool designed to allow designers and developers to build mobile and web platforms. But Adobe believes that those same designers are increasingly being tasked with developing voice-enabled services too.

It is expected that XD's voice service support will soon be expanded to include other voice-enabled devices beside Alexa.

Voice search is growing in popularity, but it is thought that the crest of the voice wave is still some way off.

In the UK, voice-related commerce is expected to be worth around £3.5 billion by 2022.

Meanwhile, of those who already own voice-enabled devices, more than two-thirds say they are part of their daily routines.

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