Stickybeak aims to solve 'broken' research model

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by Josh Hall

A new research agency aims to replace traditional public opinion research with a new, cost-effective online platform.

Stickybeak, launching this week in London, New York, and Cannes, says it can field and return broadly nationally representative surveys much more cheaply than its competitors.

The platform also says it can survey niche demographics that have traditionally been considered too hard to find.

Stickybeak recruits respondents through social media, using the targeting tools built into those platforms to identify very specific demographic sets.

The company's CEO, David Talbot, said: “From expectant mothers in Auckland to rugby fans in the USA or millennials in Sunderland, Stickybeak can be incredibly specific in who it targets. And that is important because business, marketing and communication decisions are often reliant upon insights about very small or special interest groups as well as general populations.”

The Stickybeak interface mimics popular chat platforms like WhatsApp, featuring chatbot animations and characters to maintain respondent attention.

The platform is available with subscriptions costing from US$19 per month, plus additional costs for specific features. The company says it can conduct a survey of 1,000 UK respondents for around US$4,500.

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