Has this research finally cracked the ideal timing for newsletter campaigns?

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by Josh Hall

New research from ecommerce marketing platform Omnisend claims to have answered the time-honoured question: when should marketers send email newsletter campaigns?

Omnisend analysed two billion email newsletters sent through its platform, looking at the time they were delivered and their respective engagement rates.

The research found that the most successful time for email newsletter campaigns was 8am, just before the start of the working day.

Campaigns delivered at this time achieved an average open rate of 20.32 per cent, and a clickthrough rate of 7.79 per cent, the highest figures seen on the platform.

Conversions were also highest for these campaigns, with the average email generating eight sales.

Other successful timings for newsletter delivery were similarly based around normal office working hours, with comparatively high engagement rates recorded for campaigns sent between 4 and 5pm, and around 1pm.

Commenting on the research, Omnisend CEO and co-founder Rytis Lauris said:"We create these reports to benefit our ecommerce marketers, and this new insight will help guide them in sending their newsletter campaigns. While customers might be ready to open and engage with emails at several points during the day, they're more susceptible to purchase around their typical work schedule."

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