Gmail business users will be able to send confidential emails from next month

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by Josh Hall

Google has announced that its confidential mode for Gmail will roll out to G Suite users on 25 June.

The function provides senders with a series of tools intended to help keep specific email messages private.

Users can set an expiry date for messages, after which they will no longer be available be available to the recipient. Senders can also prevent recipients from forwarding, copying, printing, or downloading an email or its attachments.

The setting also offers the ability for senders to require the recipient to type in a verification code sent to their mobile phone in order to read a message, a function intended to protect sensitive messages in the event that an account is hijacked.

Confidential mode has been available on personal Gmail accounts since the service's redesign in early 2018, but will now be made available to G Suite users.

At the time of launch, confidential mode will be set to 'on' by default on all G Suite domains. Admins can change access to the feature in the Gmail settings section of the G Suite admin console.

Administrators can also choose to enable the beta version of confidential mode by selecting 'enable now (beta)' on the same admin console page.

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