Three quarters of UK retailers failing to measure digital ROI

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by Josh Hall

The majority of UK retailers are failing to attribute footfall to digital spend, according to a new survey.

The report, from MarketingSignals, found that 74 per cent of UK retailers do not accurately measure how much of their footfall is actually driven by digital channels, thanks to a major knowledge gap on the part of marketers.

A further 68 per cent of marketers surveyed did not know the return on their most recent digital marketing campaign.

Relatively few retail marketers are using technology to track customers from their first digital touchpoint to an eventual in-store purchase.

This is despite the fact that, according to a separate MarketingSignals report, 85 per cent of UK retail purchases still happen in-store – but that 94 per cent of buyers say they’ll always research a product online before parting with their cash.

The retail marketers who are using technology to track a customer journey from digital ad to in-store purchase are the ones that are most accurately measuring the return on their campaigns, according to MarketingSignals.

Gareth Hoyle, MarketingSignals managing director, said: “ “Our research points to the growing importance of omnichannel in the UK, yet many struggle to measure success.

“Online advertising, of course, doesn’t have the same issues every click and sale can be measured and attributed. The issue for retailers comes when consumers have first visited a website and then gone to a store to complete their purchase. Our recent research revealed that 85% of UK retail sales still happen in store, not online, so there is a huge gap in ability of marketers to track the true impact of their spend.”

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