Artificial Artists launch new platform to help brands and agencies deliver VFX at scale

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by Josh Peachey

A new visual effects company, Artificial Artists, has launched their first software product to help marketers with 3D content creation. 

Artificial Artists is a new creative tech company that provides emerging technology consultancy, products and services for brands and agencies, launched by Ben Cyzer and Tim Phillips, the leadership team formerly at award-winning VFX studio MPC.

The company’s first technology product is ‘3dctrl’, a cloud-based, real-time 3D content creation platform that helps agencies and in-house teams create CG content for mobile, social and eCommerce channels. 

3dctrl will enable the delivery of affordable CG content at scale, making it economical to use 3D graphics and real-time rendering technology across multiple creative executions without having to outsource the process. 

Commenting on the launch, Ben Cyzer, co-founder at Artificial Artists said: “It is our mission to liberate creativity through technology. The launch of 3dctrl delivers on this promise by finally enabling agencies and brands control over their 3D brand assets and giving them the ability to create 3D content in-house”.  

“Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have made no secret of their plans and investment in emerging and immersive tech. Real-time 3D will be the content that drives this space, so brands need a strategy and process to help them create and deploy 3D content and experiences faster, cheaper and easier”. 

Tim Phillips, co-founder of Artificial Artists added: “The challenge within digital media is to create content that can connect with audiences in more immediate, personal and engaging ways. Unfortunately, the traditional CG / VFX pipeline and processes can be cost and time prohibitive. Artificial Artists exists to explore new approaches and offer alternative technology-driven solutions for businesses looking to innovate.”  

3dctrl will initially be focused on 3D products and promises to be the quickest and easiest way to create and configure 3D brand assets. Dynamic and professional quality 3D stills and video can be exported across a multitude of specs and formats.