Adobe research shows banner ads are seen as increasingly irrelevant

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by Charlie Spargo

According to data revelaed in Adobe's 2019 Summit Ad Report, far more marketers than consumers consider banner ads to be relevant.

The research released by the software company found that nearly three-quarters of marketing specialists (74%) believe in the relevancy of their own banner ads - and yet, that is far from the case on the consumers' side. Only 14% of consumers say banners show relevant adverts, though 46% say they're still more relevant than they were two years ago.

In a negative indictment of the advertising tool, apparently only 35% of people said they clicked a banner ad intentionally last year.

However, marketers are actually more confident than they used to be - belief in the relevancy of marketers' own banner ads is actually up 16% year-on-year.

The data is presented in the context of a changing pattern of use in the internet sphere. As part of this "digital decluttering", more than half of users have deleted their social media apps and accounts, or reduced their time using the platforms. In two years, mobile app uptake has dropped 36%. Total minutes spent on Twitter and Snapchat as compared to the year before both dropped 18%, while time spent on LinkedIn rose 29%, and on WhatsApp rose 44%.