Ceuta Group urges families to reduce Christmas waste in new campaign

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by Charlie Spargo

Global brand outsourcing specialists Ceuta Group have launched a campaign on the back of their own research, which found just how much British families will throw away this Christmas.

The group works with many food and drink brands across its portfolio of companies - which includes Creative Leap, Click Consult, and Brand Shapers - and has completed recent research, titled 'Have yourself a sustainable Christmas'.

Ceuta acknowledges the steps that have already been taken by shops, but says we all can do more. It mentions Tesco, which organises a nationwide drive every year which donates to charities that support people across the UK who are struggling to put food on the table. Furthermore, Iceland’s Turkey Crown is being sold in a recyclable paper wrap this Christmas, rather than a plastic bag, with just one plastic band seal.

However the research shows how far we need to come. Since 370 million mince pies are sold in the United Kingdom every Christmas, with each mince pie in a small aluminium tin weighing 1g, Ceuta reveals that approximately 370 tonnes of aluminium are discarded every year because of our love of mince pies. Aluminium can only be recycled when cleaned beforehand, meaning only 12% of it is recycled in Britain.

They also show that we'll discard enough wrapping paper to wrap the UK nearly three times over.

Edwin Bessant, CEO of Ceuta Group, said: “It is everybody’s job to reduce our impact on the environment. Changes are already taking place in the food & drink and health & personal care sectors, and it’s great to see some of the latest brand innovation that are coming through to reduce waste.

“More needs to be done, however, and Ceuta Group is working with its partners to promote ways of integrating sustainability into their business strategy. After all, from consumer choices to retailers and brand owners, everyone has a role to play to make their Christmas more sustainable.”