The Brooklyn Brothers and Yellowzine welcome first Night School grads

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by Mark Johnson

London creative agency The Brooklyn Brothers and creative journal, Yellowzine, have welcomed the first graduates from their Night School training venture.

Last night, at Nike 1948 LDN, the firms celebrated the inaugural graduation of the first 14 students to have taken part in the programme, with a showcase of their personal manifestos to an audience of leading figures from creative industries who might be able to help them with their next step. 

The students will also be partnered with their own mentor for 12 months post-graduation, receiving ongoing support.

Three month course 

Over the past three months, the two firms said they have we’ve been on an incredible journey with 14 young creatives. 

Night lights: First Graduates from creative skills initiative

The companies said that the graduates, united by their “passion, dedication and diversity”, are set to change the face of the advertising industry.  

The school was set up earlier this year to balance the field in terms of diversity within the creative sector. 

Cultural diversity 

London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, they said, however this point of great pride is not reflected in the make up of the creative industries. 

Latest figures show that, despite the creative and multicultural society within which we live, still only 12.4% of employees within creative agencies are from BAME backgrounds vs 40.2% of the total London population (according to 2011 National Census, Office for National Statistics). 

The two companies set up the Night School so that people could learn creative skills without needing to give up their current day jobs.

“But they could potentially give up one evening a week”, the firms said. “So we set out to create a programme that ensured flexibility around existing commitments, with no barriers to entry in the application process. It began in July and ran for eight weeks across the summer.

Night School was built on the belief that creativity and the opportunities that it offers are for everyone – irrespective of background or ethnicity. 

The eight-week programme piloted in the summer this year, by Yellowzine and The Brooklyn Brothers, aimed to help open up new doors and opportunities.

The programme helped the first intake of students plan careers and identify opportunities to make a genuine creative impact. Along the way each student also developed a personal manifesto that visually embodies their identity.

Aisha Ayoade, Co-Founder & Chief Editor of Yellowzine said: “Working with the 14 Night School students has been the most rewarding journey for me and for Yellowzine as a platform. 

“For us, it’s not just a matter of more diversity within the creative industry, it’s about a diversity of voices leading it. 

“This change is long overdue and we’re honoured to play a role in making it happen. It’s been a gift to work with 14 brilliant people and, with them, start opening the doors for a more inclusive creative industry.”

George Bryant, Chief Creative Officer, The Brooklyn Brothers, added: “Over the past three months, we have been humbled by the talent, ambition and creativity of the Night School students. However, this is only the beginning of the journey. 

“It is up to us as an industry to break down the barriers to entry and open up opportunities for all, for a more diverse and inclusive future.“

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