Government's 'Ready For Brexit' campaign reworked as October 31st deadline becomes less likely

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by Charlie Spargo

As negotiations continue and the October 31st Brexit deadline looms - and a further extension seeming highly likely - the government has amended the wording of its Get Ready for Brexit campaign online.

Across the website previously, the campaign was promoted across nearly every page, and the wording on the section read "The UK is due to leave on 31 October". However, BBC Economics Editor Faisal Islam noticed that much of that has changed, in a Tweet on Sunday.

"Government website has markedly toned down the plastering of the 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign on every page. Less emphasis on the date. On actual pages 'UK could still leave on October 31st'. Civil service quick off mark", he tweeted. The implication is that confidence is lower that the UK will leave the European Union on that set date, having seen a number of bills pass that compelled the Prime Minister to ask for more negotiating time.

Even as the government commits to forge ahead with leaving as early as next week, this move to dilute the commitments online might be seen as a tacit admission that it's unlikely.

At the same time, Islam noticed that the October 31st date is presented alongside the threat of no deal - with the messaging no longer implying leaving on the UK's own terms at the end of the month. It could imply that the kind of preparations being made have changed.

The Get Ready for Brexit campaign, which has been launched across the country on billboards, in print, on TV and online, cost the government around £100 million. In a recent interview with Prolific London, Advertising Association CEO Stephen Woodford said: "if we're a 60 million population, less than £2 per person is probably worth paying."

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