Clarity finds gaps in marketing strategy knowledge

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by Mark Johnson

New research conducted on behalf of marcomms agency Clarity claims to show gaps in strategy knowledge within the marketing sector.

Clarity said the research reveals the extent to which corporate strategy isn’t being communicated internally – with only 14% of employees saying they understand the strategy of the organisation they work for.

The research surveyed 1,000 UK-based full-time and part-time staff, examining how well UK workers understand and align with the strategies of the businesses they are employed by. 

Key findings included: 

Warning shots 

Most respondents felt largely uninformed about business strategy, with 53% feeling more could be done to communicate it. 

Moreover, 55% said poor internal communications could be a catalyst for them quitting; rising to a startling 68% of employees aged 16 to 24.

Draining resources 

The lack of alignment with a strong company strategy is affecting motivation levels. 

A fifth of respondents claimed they “never hear anything” from senior management, while 24% said they didn’t feel their company’s communications were honest.

The feedback gap 

Strategy isn’t being contextualised for most employees. Even amongst the most engaged, only 28% said they understood their own role in the strategy, and just 22% were certain how they could contribute.

Reduced visibility 

Only 15% strongly agreed that they felt a close connection with their organisation’s leadership team, while 29% cited frequent visits by senior managers as being the best way for improvements to be made.

Being open matters 

While 44% claimed their organisation’s leaders keep their strategy a secret, 38% of respondents overall, and 53% of 16 to 24-year-olds, agreed they would take a pay cut to work at a firm that more frankly communicated its strategy to employees.

“With so many industries facing disruption, organisations are being provoked into action by multiple factors, starting with shifting consumer attitudes”, Chris Morris, MD at Clarity, said. 

“As a result, new strategies are being created and old ones refreshed, but for these attempts at adaption to be successful employees must be on board. 

“Internal communications hold the key to disseminating strategy, but as our results show most organisations have a long way to go.”

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