Zag retunes Yamaha into one global brand

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by Mark Johnson

London-based brand consultancy Zag has announced its latest work with Yamaha, which includes unifying the portfolio of regional businesses into one solid global brand. 

Encapsulated in a new brand promise, ‘Make Waves’, Zag said its partnership with Yamaha has triggered a complete shift in the way the brand will emotionally connect to its customers. 

Rise in market share

It also solidifies Yamaha’s position as a global leader in the music and audio industry, Zag said. The first Yamaha campaign using Zag’s new approach drove a 3.8% increase of market share in Europe in the wireless speaker category.

One global sound: Yamaha's rebrand for a new age

The new identity system is inspired by the concept of ‘Make Waves’ and can flex to target any audience group, product category, music genre or touch point, unifying the Yamaha brand across all divisions and regions. 

CGI animations

“The identity pairs CGI animations expressing how music makes us feel with intimate artist photography and storytelling from artists, connecting the brand to the contemporary music culture it’s part of creating every day”, said Neil Cummings, Creative Director at Zag.

Crucially, the ‘Make Waves’ concept is also being used to drive internal transformation at Yamaha to ensure the brand continues to be an innovative force within the music and audio industry. 

No standard rebrand

Zag is continuing its work with Yamaha, embedding the essence of ‘Make Waves’ deeper into the business.

Livia Bernardini, Managing Partner and International Managing Director at Zag, said: “What makes this a true Zag project is that it's not a standard brand identity project. 

“We’ve used design and creative strategy to reshape and remould the business from the inside out, boosting commercial growth, driving innovation and increasing market share. 

“We are very excited and proud to be continuing this journey alongside Yamaha and its visionary leaders.”

Hiroko Ohmura, Senior General Manager Marketing Division at Yamaha, commented: “Zag quickly understood the Yamaha spirit, ethos and brand and have helped us to evolve how we grow our position as a leader in the music and audio category and how we continue to build a deeper emotional relationship with consumers. 

“It’s been a rewarding experience working with Zag and we are excited to apply the approach we’ve developed together across all aspects of the business.”

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