World Federation of Advertisers dismisses "hysteria" around in-housing

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by Charlie Spargo
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The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has taken a dim view towards conversation around the "threat" posed by growing in-housing towards the advertising industry.

Their State of Advertising study shows that, while companies such as Sky and Unilever have moved to in-house their creative accounts and rely on their staff teams, only low-cost, fast creative executions are an area where advertisers choose not to outsource, instead opting for in-housing. The WFA derided much of the intense 

Other potentially affected areas could be short-form content marketing and influencer marketing. On the whole, many areas are still seen to be very conducive to outsourcing - with half of respondents expecting a spend increase in outsourcing big-ticket creativity, traditional media planning, creative strategy and programmatic search.

The study was conducted across 100 people working in 70 companies around the world.

Stephan Loerke, Chief Executive of the WFA, said: ”As in industry, we are often prone to overstating sweeping new trends so this is a useful bellwether of what a lot of the world’s top brands really think.

"There is great optimism in terms of the perceived effectiveness of some direct response inventory but brands increasingly face the problems of clutter, ad blocking, declining reach and trust in advertising. There is also a stark reminder that, for all the talk of in-housing, our agency partners will remain critical partners in achieving brands’ goals.” 

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