Survey reveals vast majority of marketers are looking to change roles

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by Charlie Spargo

According to CV-Library, a "concerning" 95% of marketing professionals report they are actively seeking a change in their career, but more than half are held back by a lack of confidence.

After polling 2,000 marketers and 200 employers, CV-Library found that 57% do not fulfil their ambitions to change role because of a fear that they lack the skills necessary.

Meanwhile, 46% reported they would not be happy with the salaries on offer, while 23% were made nervous by the prospective workload.

With 95% of those polled expressing wishes to move away from their current opportunity, the survey showed a disparity in power between employers and employees. While 35% of employees remained uncertain about the security of their roles, 96% of employers had no concern about keeping staffing levels stable for the next six months.

Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library, said: “There is an abundance of marketing jobs on offer in the UK right now and it’s very concerning to discover that professionals may be missing out because of a lack in confidence.

“Believing in yourself and your abilities is crucial. To give yourself a boost, try to match up your experience with the job description. If you can easily spot that you have the skills needed for the job, you’ll immediately feel more confident, ultimately improving your chances of securing the position.”