Love Island contestants' Instagrams 'full of fake followers'

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by Josh Hall
Love Island

The Instagram accounts of contestants on the current series of Love Island are being followed by tens of thousands of fake profiles.

This is according to research from influencer marketing company Takumi, which analysed the accounts of all 17 of this year's stars.

The company examined activity, engagement, and profile details of the participants' followers, and used AI-powered analytics techniques to assess their trustworthiness.

It found that fake profiles make up at least 50 per cent of the followers on all but one of the accounts, with the figure rising above 60 per cent for at least seven of the contestants.

Amber Rose Gill and Jordan Hames' accounts jointly top the rankings, with 65 per cent of their followers determined to be fake by Takumi. They have 535,000 and 34,000 followers respectively.

Some 60 per cent of those following the profile for Tommy Fury, the show's most-followed contestant, were also found to be fake. Fury has a total of 971,000 followers on the platform.

Instagram is a key tool for reality TV stars as they seek to capitalise on their appearances once the show comes to an end.

But Takumi says their research should give brands pause for thought when considering which talent to work with.

The company's chief executive Adam Williams said: "The results of our research show the extent to which fraudulent activity can take place on Instagram. Yet influencers are still powerful marketing tools due to their ability to resonate deeply with their core audiences.

"Brands must carefully consider who they work with and how they assess their worth. The scale of someone’s social media following doesn’t necessarily equate to real influence among consumers."

The full list of Love Island contestants' Instagrams, ranked by fake followers:

1. Amber Rose Gill (@amberrosegill) – 535k followers – 65% fake followers

2. Jordan Hames (@jxrdanhames) – 34k followers – 65% fake

3. Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) – 412k followers – 64% fake

4. Yewande Biala (@yewande_biala) – 365k followers – 64% fake

5. Michael Griffiths (@mac_griffiths_) – 478k followers – 63% fake

6. Callum McLeod (@callum_macleod) – 243k followers – 62% fake

7. Tommy Fury (@tommytntfury) – 971k followers – 60% fake

8. Danny Williams (@itsdannywilliams) – 101k followers – 59% fake

9. Amy Hart (@amyhartxo) – 447k followers – 59% fake

10. Elma Pazar (@elmapazar) – 68k followers – 58% fake

11. Lucie Rose Donlan (@lucierosedonlan) – 857k followers – 56% fake

12. Anna Vakili (@annavakili_) – 495k followers – 53% fake

13. Molly Mae Hague (@mollymaehague) – 701k followers – 53% fake

14. Anton Danyluk (@anton_danyluk) – 342k followers – 52% fake

15. Curtis Pritchard (@curtispritchard12) – 588k followers – 52% fake

16. Tom Walker (@tom9walker) – 29.9k followers – 50% fake

17. Maura Higgins (@maurahiggins) – 322k followers – 45% fake

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