Adobe report: advertisers need to focus on customer experience

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by Charlie Spargo

The 2019 'Digital Trends: Advertising in Focus' report, released by Adobe, has found how many marketers and advertisers have conflicting opinions on customer experience.

The survey, which spoke to around 800 professionals, found that 46% pick ROI as the biggest priority for the rest of the business; 42% said better audience engagement; while 40% said better channel efficiency.

While so many picked instant results and short-term plans as general priorities, this was not ubiqitious. 23% cited the importance of data-driven marketing targeted toward the individual, while a majority (64%) picked content and experience management for loyalty and trust.

The ultimate conclusion of 'Digital Trends: Advertising in Focus' was that marketing and advertising teams must unite to enrich the customer experience with audience data and insights, at the same time as meeting ad-targeting strategies and focusing on a creative connection.

Philip Duffied, MD of Advertising Cloud, Adobe EMEA, said: “The race to personalize customer experiences has seen brands rely more heavily on analytics and programmatic strategies. And whilst these are so important, the opportunity facing the industry is how to balance these with creativity."

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